Computer Maintenance

If you Decide to sign a maintenance contract with us, we take over regular maintenance works. The following tasks are executed by our employees conscientiously.

The maintenance works includes:

- The cleaning of the computer Case externally.
- Exemption of the internal components from dust
- Computer viruses Scanning
- Checking the relevant security settings
- Drivers updates
- Installation of software updates
- Scanning and Removal of viruses.

Contact us Regarding the price…

Network Remote maintenance

Your computers and networks can be maintained a distance using Remote administration. By a Remote maintenance contract we can repair appearing errors without visiting your Offices. The Computers can go on working in most cases undisturbed while our employee is performing the maintenance tasks. Through these, the problems are solved Quickly and Price worth.

 The price is set on request and is negotiable, so don't hesitate to call us.
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